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Top # 50+ Happy New Year 2016 SMS

Top # 50+ Happy New Year 2016 SMS - Hello, This article Top # 50+ Happy New Year 2016 SMS, i hope usefull for you.

Title : Top # 50+ Happy New Year 2016 SMS
Title : Top # 50+ Happy New Year 2016 SMS

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Top # 50+ Happy New Year 2016 SMS

happy new year 2016 sms: If you are waiting for good sms to wish your loved ones a happy new year 2016, then you are at the right place, we inspirational love quotes have published the awesome Happy New Year 2016 SMS Specially for you. You can have the best of sms to wish your near and dear ones.

Top # 50+ Happy New Year 2016 SMS

Happy New Year 2016 SMS
Happy New Year 2016 SMS

Let me wish you a very Happy New Year before the phone lines get jammed and internet hanged. Happy New Year 2016 !

New ideas, innovations,unprecedented aspirations to inspire the world in future times is abound to you this year. Enjoy winning.....Happy New Year. :)

I wish this year has lesser disasters, lesser hate, lesser accidents and loads of love. Happy New Year.

My wishes for you, Great start for Jan, Love for Feb, Peace for march, No worries for April, Fun for May, Joy for June to Nov, Happiness for Dec, Have a lucky and wonderful 2016.

Top # 80+ Happy New Year 2016 Messages

I wish you scatter happiness all 365 days and get the same in return,
As well throughout this New Year, Wish you a Happy New Year!!"

When I thought about the evils of drinking in the New Year, I gave up thinking. —- You know it’s time for a New Year’s resolution to lose weigh.

Hope the new year fill your life with success good luck & happiness And may it be more prosperous than the previous one Happy New Year 2016!

I honestly hope each and every one of you have the best year ever in New Year.

"Like birds, let us, leave behind what we don’t need to carry… ,
Life is beautiful, Enjoy it. HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance."

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice.

Top # 200+ Happy New Year 2016 Wishes

Each Moment in a Day Has its own Value, Morning Brings Hope, Afternoon Brings Faith, Evening Brings Love, Night Brings Rest, Hope you Will Have All Of Them Everyday. Happy New Year 2016.

Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don't get Fear
Coz, God Gift us a "BRAND NEW YEAR".

Without positive attitude, success is called Luck. But with positive attitude, success is called achievement.

Each age has deemed the new-born year the fittest time for festal cheer.

Top # 100+ Happy Valentines Day Quotes

Mom & Dad…. Thank you for Bringing Me in Your Life and Always Neglecting My Mistakes & Still Supporting Me in Whatever i Do. Love You Always. Happy New Year My Lovely Parents.

With all fragrance of a rose and lights of the sun, I wish you a happy new year.

On dates like this, only my memory are the most beautiful moments, so I thought of you. Hope you have a happy new year with your family.

"I wish that not a single tear trickles down your cheek this New Year,
May you be blessed with joy and happiness all the year round."

Wishing you a fabulous 2016 with full of great achievements and experiences.
A meaningful chapter waiting to be written HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!

top 100+ Best Happy New Year 2016 Quotes

Season's greetings and best wishes for a new year that fills your heart with joy. Happy New Year 2016!

New is the year, new are the
hopes and the aspirations, new is
the resolution, new are the spirits
and forever my warm wishes are
for you,
Have a promising and fulfilling new year.

Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunder-storm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year.

You are a dreamer,
and you are an achiever.
May you dream and achieve bigger feats,
with every passing year.
All the best for the new year.

I want to make you a happy new year, today I had this and I was glad because a part of my life you were you present.

"May god gift you a style to convert your dream into reality in this New Year,
Wish you Happy New Year."

Wish your Life always remains Bright throughout. Have a rocking New year.

Pack your bags and leave your worries behind,Head to a new destination and enjoy the party time. Happy New year 2016.

Top 50+ Happy New Year Wishes

H ours of happy times with friends and family,
A abundant time for relaxation,
P prosperity,
P plenty of love when you need it the most,
Y youthful excitement at life simple pleasures,
N nights of restful slumber (you know – don’t’ worry be happy),
E everything you need,
W wishing you love and light,
Y ears and years of good health,
E enjoyment and mirth,
A angels to watch over you,
R remembrances of a happy years!"
In 2016 Parents worry about what their sons download and what their daughters upload on the internet.
Lets celebrate this blissful, cheerful, colorful New year. with a smile. Wish you Happy new year.
Cut it loose and let 2015 go. Get Hold of 2016 and just play along. Happy New Year.

A Beautiful New Year SMS
I met love, health, peace & joy,
They needed a permanent place to stay.
I gave them your address hope they arrived safely.
“Happy New Year”

Top # 100+ Happy New Year Message

Happy New Year. May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination.
May You Reach More Milestone,and Discover more friends in Upcoming New Year.. !
"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."
This New Year I wish that:
Fate never takes you for a bumpy ride;
Cupid strikes you with his sweetest arrow;
Lady Luck bestows upon you health and wealth;
Your Guardian Angel keeps your mind alert and bright.
Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!
This New Year, let us not find faults in the days gone by, but revel in the possibilities of the upcoming ones.
Hope the New sun of the New Year and the new moon of the New Year,
Brings good fortune and great luck for you, Wish you Happy New Year!"
only a night from old to new!
The old year had its work to do but now its time for the new year miracles to come true !!!!!!!!
New Year Brings Just Happiness not Tears
Everybody loves only you Dear,
All your problems will be finish
it's for you my Special New Year wish

Top # 100+ Happy New Year Quotes

End each year with a few good lessons and start the new one by showing that you have learnt the lessons of the past well.
The most important thing to remember as we approach 2015 is that it’s much better to commit mistakes that can strengthen your character other than playing it safe.
"In every thing there must be a season,
a time 2come and a time 2go.
I pray that this New Year brings
2you happiness and joy 4ever and ever."
It’s time for champagne, cake and balloons. It’s time to celebrate the new year". Happy New Year 2016.

No one can go back in time to change what has
happened. So work on your present to make yourself
a wonderful future. Happy New Year.
I honestly hope each and every one of you have the best year ever in New Year
May the New Year give you the strength to face the challenges of life and courage to adjust the sail so as to take every situation to your stride.
Luck is not in ur hands But decision is in ur hands Ur decision can make luck But luck cannot make ur decision so always trust urself. Happy Ney Year 2016.
May your all rides turn to joyrides,
let the lady luck bless you with prosperity,
and angels protect you from all evils!
Happy New Year 2016!
May the gift of love, happiness, peace, and warmth be yours as you make a new start. Happy New Year 2016!
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